Anonymous asked: What did you tell jules ? Like whats the thing he said it was a lie. So cool you got the chance to tell him! Good for you! Cool blog btw

I don’t remember exactly what I said but it was when I asked him to sign my comedown machine I was like “are u ok with signing this??” and he was like “of course why wouldn’t I be” and FOR SOME REASON I was like “well due to uh…recent events u know lol” but I wasn’t like serious I was laughing and he was like “wait what do u mean” and I was like “uhhh well like those dumb articles on nme but I was just kidding I don’t actually believe them” and he was so confused and he was like “wait what articles??” and I was like “omg I’m sorry have u not seen them I’m sorry I brought it up!!” and he was like “dude no… what did they say I said??” And I was like “it’s so stupid!! they said that you were like ‘I don’t feel anything when I play with the strokes’ or something like that but seriously no one believes them” and he started laughing and he was like “what the hell I don’t remember saying that” and he was like “I never said that??” And he was just like laughing and shaking his head and I felt SO BAD but he changed the subject after that and didn’t act upset or anything but I felt so dumb omg


the older i get the sadder “i love you more than being seventeen” becomes

i met julian casablancas while he was wearing white pants and that’s all i really need in my life ever honestly

i can’t believe im responsible for telling julian about those articles….wtf is my life

Those tweets Julian just tweeted are because of me. I made a joke about one of them and he didn’t even know about it and he like forced me to tell him what they said he said and I was so embarrassed but he was like really surprised and kept saying “I never said that???” And he was kind of laughing and I guess he went and looked the articles up or something??? I don’t know but I’m dead and I don’t even know what to do???

shrek's kid: dad... i'm... i'm gay
shrek: well, better out than in, i always say, eh? heheheheh someBODY ONCE
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OH MY FUCKING GOD i swear he sounds so nice it hurts me it physically hurts me

he was so nice like when he saw my face when i saw him he just knew and he was so soso sweet to me 

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me at age 12: ew older men
now: wow he's only 30?

Im in the car rn on my phone so if it takes me forever to answer ur message I’m sorry!!

"do you wanna selfie it out?" -julian casablancas randomly in the middle of our 10 minute conversation as he reached for my phone

"do you wanna selfie it out?" -julian casablancas randomly in the middle of our 10 minute conversation as he reached for my phone

Everyone take a leak at my feet to mark your territory. I have a urine fetish. Just kidding, I don’t.
Julian Casablancas, waiting to meet fans 10/17/14 (via racingsunbeams) ←


Not in my neighborhood


oh, you’re playing skyrim? i love that game, the way they just [clenches fist] rim all those frickin skies

Anonymous asked: Umm please state everything that happened

I’m going to make a post explaining everything bc it’s a really long story but basically

I get to the venue kind of late like an hour before doors and I was freaking the heck out, I’m the person that’s always at shows hours early to be front row so this was causing me a ton of anxiety. I had to wait for my mom because she was dropping me off, we finally get there and she lets me out in the back of the venue because the front is like a pedestrian mall and I was just going to walk around to the front from there. So I get out of the car super fast because we were in traffic and like run into the sidewalk. There’s some weird shit happening next door like a wedding or something and I’m trying not to walk through it. So I’m kind of thinking about that and then how I’m going to snapchat Natalie a picture of the tour bus or something with a stupid caption as I walked by… idk I was like really distracted. So I’ve walked about four steps, I notice some crew members come out the back door, I don’t think anything of it, and then the door opens again and Julian Casablancas walks out. My brain didn’t really process it at first, I kind of just stopped in shock. He sees me and like mimics my expression of surprise. He’s standing there on the top of these steps laughing and it’s Julian Casablancas and I’m standing here all by myself and it’s just me and him and some crew members around and the first thing I can manage to say through my shock is “oh my god. Julian” and he says in the most-Julian like way he possibly could while still laughing and maintaining his mimicking shocked look, “oh my god. Hey.” He hands something to one of the crew guys and starts walking down the steps towards me. I’m just like “oh my god I’m so sorry” and he’s still laughing and he’s like “no no it’s okay” and I’m like “holy shit can I hug you” and he’s like “of course” and he hugged me and I was thinking like… what the hell is happening right now. We made small talk for a couple minutes about like Charlottesville and everything and I was telling him the check out the downtown mall if he had a chance (he probably didn’t want to so he didn’t get mobbed tbh) and he said he would and then he was like “what’s your name?” So I told him and he stuck out his hand and was like “it’s nice to meet you Kara” and I said “it’s nice to meet you too Julian” and he laughed some more and then we talked about some more stuff it would take me forever to type but at one point I was like “Julian…I have to tell you something kind of embarrassing. I promised my friends I would.” And he’s excited like “tell me!” And I’m like “ok..I was you for halloween last year” and he thought that was so funny oh my god he’s like “I’m told I look like a girl a lot so that makes sense” and I’m like “you don’t look like a girl wtf” and he’s like “you are so kind” lmao I forgot he was holding his soccer ball and I’m like are you going to play soccer and he smiles sadly and is like “no one will play with me” and I’m like “I would play with you” and he is like “thank you that means a lot” I told him I liked his jacket at one point wtf. Then he’s like gesturing to my phone and he says, I swear to god, “do you wanna selfie it out?” and I was like “of course” and he REACHED FOR MY PHONE before I even had my camera app open omfg and he was so excited he took my phone and held it as high up as he possibly could and it took him like a minute to get in just the right pose and he did like this myspace girl smirk. Then he got one of the crew guys to take a regular picture and I remembered I had my comedown machine with me and he signed it and we talked about some more stuff I’ll talk about later but then I asked if they were playing instant crush that night and he was like “I don’t think we are tonight…but do you want us to?” And I was like “YES” and he was like “I’ll see what I can do” and I was like “I would also die if you played you only live once” and he was like “oh!! We are playing that but it’s a really weird version haha” and I was so happy and then we talked for a few more minutes and he was finally like “well I’m sorry I have to go now, but it was really nice meeting you Kara” and I’m pretty sure we hugged again and then we both left. And I walked the wrong way, straight through that bridal party but I didn’t even look up because at that moment I was done with my life. And that is just how I met Julian, my later interactions with the rest of the Voidz is actually a way cooler story.